Top 2 Best Spa Steps For Inflatable Hot Tubs Review 2020

Handi-Step Spa Step, Portabello Review

Handi-Step Spa Steps can be used as steps in front of a spa and are completely made of plastic. The parts that are given in the shipping box can be assembled very easily and it’s also very durable since it was made to endure tough weather. Additionally, as a bonus it’s also UV resistant. No hardware is required and it cleans very easily with soap and water. You’ll be able to climb into your spa with ease, with the Handi-Step Spa/Patio Step. Up to 300 lbs. of weight can be endured by it. Rounded or flat-walled spa, this spa step has got you covered. Its durability is guaranteed since it is constructed using high quality plastic. Multiple finishes are also available, which integrates choosing the perfect step to match your spa. The easiness of its maintenance is also incomparable. It is US made and has a very lightweight look and feel. If you want to keep it in front of your hot tub, you can because it also supports any kind of hot tub.

Technical details:

Color Portabello
Item dimensions 14 x 24 x 32 inches
Manufacturer part number HS2-P
Manufacturer warranty description 1 YR Limited
Material type Plastic
Model number HS2-P
Package quantity 1
Shipping weight 7.5 pounds
UNSPSC Code 49201515

As a bonus you will be happy to know that the “Confer Plasticsâ€?company has been in the business of manufacturing swimming pool ladders since the early 1970s. The company’s name has been associated with quality and safety. From the mid-1990s to the present day Confer Plastics have been offering excellent quality accessories to the spa market and almost all the items they have produced feature the high quality you’ve come to expect from Confer Plastics. All the accessories are proudly made in the USA.

The steps can be assembled without any tools, it’s that easy to install. By switching the top for the bottom step they will fit a round or a flat tub. One of the steps is flat while the other is concave. It’s a great stepping stone spa and it’s incredibly safe. Whilst using, someone over 300 lbs. stood on it and it didn’t wobble even for a bit. Besides using it in the spa, you can use it for other purposes as well such as to get on top of your bed, to reach a higher place etc. One satisfied consumer used it as a stepping stone to get on top or to get down from bed since she had surgery, its durability carried her weight all throughout the endeavor.

Some might argue that the price is too much for the plastic steps but if you have spa steps custom made they will set you back at least a $100 whereas you can get this at a cheaper price. Also, the durability (Some users have used it for years without any complaint), price and its safety measures ensures that you don’t feel like you are paying too much.

Leisure Accents, Deluxe Spa Step, Gray/Beige review

Leisure Accents Deluxe Spa Step

The primary use of Leisure Accent Deluxe Spa Steps is, as the name suggests, being steps in front of a spa. It is a hundred percent made of plastic- not just simple plastic but the strong and durable one. Yes, this does mean that the product itself is very sturdy and durable. It can withstand up to 300lbs of weight. You would be surprised to know- this product is also weatherproof and U.V resistant! It’s sleek designed combined with its unique color truly stands out. The no need for hardware is, certainly, to be considered as a great advantage. The product is designed, manufactured- all in U.S.A, so it is as American as it gets. Rounded wall spa? Flat walled spa? Do not worry Leisure Accents Deluxe Spa Step is applicable perfectly for both. Another problem that many consumers face with any products-is how easily it can be cleaned-in case of Leisure Accent, Deluxe Spa Step this is nothing to be concerned about as it can easily be cleaned with just soap and water. When first opened from box these products show some simple assembly which is very straightforward and easy. Its easy maintenance along with its lightweight –gives the user to use it with ease in front of any hot tub, even some users have used it as other means of climbing(though this is not advised) –this shows how easily Leisure Accents Deluxe Spa Step can be used.

Now let us shed some light on the technical information:

Color Gray/Beige
Item dimensions 14 x 24 x 36 inches
Item weight 22.7 pounds
Manufacturer Part Number LASS36-G
Material Type plastic
Model number LASS36-G
Shipping weight 21.19 pounds
UNSPSC Code 49141600

You would be assured to know: “Confer Plasticsâ€?the parent company has being an active player in the manufacture of plastic products, particularly ladders and steps, since 1971 and has being prosperous in terms of providing good quality at a reasonable price. The company has being an epitome for good quality throughout the years according to many customer reviews. Their contributions to the spa market began around 1990’s and almost all their products, since then, have been of excellent quality.

A problem that many users complain about is that the design would have been optimum if it had a storage unit inside it. Also, a few users had trouble assembling it due to the lack of screws provided, by the manufacturer, to hold the steps in place. Other than that, the assembly is mere case of joining components.

Many users have highly praised its detailed engineering. The fact that it does not rot or rust like steel, wood etc. It has a plastic built-which ensures a long life for Leisure Accents, Deluxe Spa steps. The beige color also means it won’t look as dirty as a too dark or too light color might. One might argue that the price of this product is high but given the high quality finish and durability, I would say that the price is very much reasonable.

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