The Best Z-Wave Door Sensors Review 2020

Z-Wave technology significantly extends the capabilities of today’s home security systems. Z-Wave enables the cameras, sensors, and other security components work together as a single unit, interacting with each other and with the user locally or remotely. Z-Wave home warning system can also interact with external control agencies. Z-Wave makes home life more comfortable and secure for the user and provides opportunities for developers in the creation of products and services for this rapidly growing market. Thanks to the interoperable system, Z-Wave gives producers and consumers extra security where products can work together regardless of brand. Today, let’s talk about one of the smallest, but not minor, items among all Z-Wave product line door sensor, we will choose some best z-wave door sensors for you to refer when you buy.

The door sensor is an important element of the wireless security alarm system. It provides instant activation at the slightest opening of the door and then sends an alert to the user’s device. Of course, the presence of such devices on the front door in the house gives you a distinct advantage and an additional sense of security. In addition, to these benefits, we can specify the possibility of control over a situation. You will immediately be informed about the open door, even while you’re away from home, and will be able to react quickly. Installation of the sensor on the front door lets you turn on the lights automatically when the door is opened. Moreover, door sensors don’t cost a lot, so you can easily place the devices not only on the door but also on each window of your home.

Z-Wave Door Sensors

Let us now have a closer look at the best z-wave door sensors available on the market today.

Sensative STRIPS as one of the latest devices presented can be distinguished the undeniable leader. At the moment, Door/Window Sensative STRIPS Sensor – is the thinnest wireless magnetic sensor for doors and windows in the world. This sensor size is only 7.7 inch in length with the thickness of 3 mm. Therefore, STRIPS can be installed almost invisibly in the frames of doors. This door sensor consists of two components: a thin narrow strip, which is mounted on the door frame, and a small square-reed switch mounted on the moving part of the door. Given the low power consumption, the device battery is designed to work up to 10 years, and when the battery is low, the user will certainly receive a notification. At a cost less than $60, which is slightly higher than that of other devices, this is offset by a number of obvious advantages, including positive feedback from users.

Also, one of the other best Z-Wave door sensors on the market is Fibaro Modern Miniature Z-Wave Door/Window Sensor. Compared to the previous sensor, Fibaro is more visible, but it has seven color options to match your door the best way. It supports Z-Wave standard and has a chip of the latest 500 series (Z-Wave Plus). In addition, the module may be equipped with a temperature sensor and can be used as a device that extends the use of the wall switch.

The design of the Fibaro sensor making it virtually invisible on any window or door. Z-Wave technology allows the device to operate for about 2 years without changing the battery. You can always see the battery level on the control panel. As in a case of STRIPS, it will notify you about the need to replace batteries in advance. The latter thing that is left to the user is to choose the best color for the interior and enjoy the beauty, safety, and comfort.

An alternative option to the above-mentioned sensors is ZW089-A Z-Wave recessed door sensor from Aeon Labs, which also have more pleasant price. This is a real find for aesthetes since the sensor is hidden in the door frame directly. However, to do that you will have to sacrifice the integrity of the frame as the installation requires drilling. If you don’t have the desire to drill, and the price plays a crucial role, then pay attention to the Schlage RS100 and Ecolink DWZWAVE2-ECO models. Believe us, you will be satisfied.

Other Systems Door Sensors

We should not forget about the other wireless home automation systems. Of course, Z-wave has many advantages, but the market also has door sensors that are suitable for ZigBee and other standards. These systems are less popular among device developers, but it does not mean that they are inferior. The most important thing when choosing such sensors – is to make sure that your controller was checked using a particular version of ZigBee device. Among the door sensors compatible with other systems we can name ZigBee Gen2 Iris Contact Sensor, which is also very affordable. Its size is not much bigger than Fibaro sensor, and therefore, it is an acceptable alternative.

The world famous manufacturer Samsung also offers sensors compatible with the ZigBee technology. By purchasing SmartThings ZigBee Multipurpose Sensor the user can easily control not only the state of its doors (opened or closed), but also vibration, temperature, and other interesting features. This sensor detects vibration or impact on the surface, which it is fixed on, and so it can be used for the protection of any valuable items, windows, doors or other mechanisms that must not move or vibrate. Thus, you can get a comprehensive solution.

Z-Wave vs. ZigBee

Both technologies allow you to have two-way wireless communication with each device you want to control. ZigBee is compared to the Z-Wave has a higher bandwidth, so it can pass large volumes of information, which is actually not important for door sensors. Z-Wave has its incontestable advantage: in fact, it is the “standard” for manufacturers of various products and devices for home automation. Therefore, find the most various Z-Wave door and window sensors that are compatible with other devices, is very easy. Especially, since the best door sensors on the market such as Sensative STRIPS and Fibaro Modern Miniature Z-Wave Door/Window Sensor work on Z-Wave standard.

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