The Best Corded Impact Wrench Review 2020

We think that the best corded impact wrench in the year 2020 is AIRCAT 1150. If you ask about an alter one, I will suggest Nitrocat 1200-K ½ inch Kevlar Composite Air Impact Wrench.

AIRCAT 1150 Review

  • Main specifications of AIRCAT 1150 are described as follows:

  • Power:295 feet-pound of loosing torque to handle even the bigger jobs
  • Speed: Speed of AIRCAT is 1.400 blows per minute. This is the fastest Twin Hammer ½” impact wrench in the market (between both cordless and coded impact wrenches)
  • Length: Its length is 7.5 inches which are pretty standard for the price range.
  • Price: Price of AIRCAT 1150 is less than $200.
  • Weight: This is very light weight among corded wrenches. Its weight is4.5 pounds
  • Reviews: There are 4.5 stars reviews on Amazon. Out of 230 reviews, 186 reviews are 5 stars.

So this was all about the specifications of AIRCAT 1150.Now we will discuss the properties of AIRCAT 1150 which separates it from its competitors.

Reasons of Uniqueness of AIRCAT 1150

  • Sound: When you use AIRCAT 1150 your ears are a distance of some inches from it. If you have an in impact wrench that sounds like Zeus casing 10.000 lightning bolts down at once you are going to have a bad time. AIRCAT are made up of quite new technology. This is the only AIRCAT which gives an output of 86 dB of its sounds at its maximum setting. Here we can take an example that you are sitting in a car in a busy city and there is traffic noise. It’s loud but it is not defending you.
  • Better motor: It has 15% larger motor than comparable impact wrenches. The AIRCAT 1150 can output more power. Despite its motor AIRCAT has a very reasonable price.
  • Price continued: As we discussed earlier it has a very reasonable price. It is quite cheaper than any other corded impact wrench.
  • 2 years warranty on labor and parts: Here you will get a 2 years warranty for every part of the drill. This includes the labor of the fixes. So if there is some problem you can make a call on AIRCAT and they will sort out your problem.
  • If you are looking for a corded impact wrench, here is the right choice for you with the AIRCAT 1150. Moreover, its price is very reasonable. You can get a product that’s worth is 2x the price.

Nitrocat 1200-K Review

  • Nitrocat 1200-K ½ inch Kevlar Composite Air Impact Wrench:

  • The Nitrocat ½ inch Kevlar composite air impact wrench is one of the most powerful ½ inch air impact wrenches in its category. Its housing is composed of Kevlar for great durability, the material used in bullet proof vests. It has an ergonomically designed handle to reduce fatigue during those big jobs. So its handle is made for operator’s total comfort. To reduce the noise generated whilst operating the units comes with patented quite technology, reducing the noise to 86 decibels. The Nitrocat 1200-K has a hard hitting twin clutch mechanism to cope with any task. Its unit is built with a patented through the handle exhaust to keep dust and debris away from an operator’s face.

Key Features of Nitrocat 1200-K Air Impact wrench

  1. This is the most powerful ½ inch impact in its category.
  2. This is made up of durable Kevlar composite housing with an ergonomically designed handle to reduce operator fatigue.
  3. It has patented quite a technology (86 decibels)
  4. It has hard hitting twin clutch mechanism.
  5. It is built up with a patented through the handle exhaust to keep debris away from the face.
  6. It has easy operation flip lever- Forward and reverse.
  7. It has average air consumption (CFM) 4.
  8. It has no variable speed.
  9. Its operating PSI is 90-120.
  10. It is reversible.
  11. Working torque: 200-900ft-lb.
  12. Maximum torque: 1295 ft-lbs.
  13. Its length is 8 ¼”.
  14. Minimum hose size is 3/8”.
  15. Its inlet size is ¼”.

There are a number of reasons that the makes Nitrocat air wrench different and efficient from others.  For example, a patented tuned exhaust muffler lets the discharged air pass right through without creating any back pressure. This means that you retain more power to get the job done while cutting down on the noise. Due to this technology, the amount of hazardous air particles that you can breathe in is dramatically cut back.

Seeking of toughness, the body of Nitrocat 1200-K impact wrench is composed of Kevlar, which gives the housing a super rugged finish that avoids the wrench to get down. This means that it has a more durability and lesser wear for the wrench and has less danger and harm for your body.

This Nitrocat ½ inch square drive impact wrench between 1295 ft.-lbs. of torque and Kevlar composite body

As you can see the goal here is to have as little wear and tear on your body while you are doing the job with this impact wrench. This is responsible for giving you the enough power to get the job done right. It doesn’t matter how big or small it is if that sounds like your corded impact wrench.

Due to the unique design of this corded impact wrench eliminates the blow by into your lungs and eyes. So after doing your job done you can go home and enjoy the time with your family. At the end of the day, you will not feel the fatigue. You can perfectly and efficiently do your job with the help of this Nitrocat ½ “impact wrench.

Because as far as operators fatigue thanks to Nitrocat’s patented ergonomic handle design. This helps you to work without any physical stress. Here your wrist, hands, and arms are spared the constant vibration and torment that other. So by using this corded impact wrench your body can totally feel relaxed.

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