Schneider Electric Wiser Air Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat Review 2020

Company Schneider Electric is changing traditional notions of your home’s energy. Schneider Electric Wiser Air Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat is a stand-alone device for maintaining control over the temperature inside your home, which implements the control through the transfer of signals through your home Wi-Fi network. The unlimited number of zones setting allows controlling the heating according to your schedule. So, from now on the heating becomes completely invisible as the management interface is now on the user’s smartphone or tablet, and a thermostat can be mounted in an inconspicuous place. But of course, you are unlikely to do so after a glance at the stylish design of Wiser Air. Its glossy black case will be a great decoration of the room. Moreover, thanks to the screen backlight, the device shows the current status. For example, when there is no one next to the thermostat, the screen is turned off, and as soon as you pass by, it can light up in blue, yellow, light blue, or green colors, which consequently means cooling, heating, off, or Eco IQ mode.

The process of installation and connection of the device is very simple and does not require a master intervention. The tutorial video is available directly on the website of Wiser Air. After, just to connect the thermostat to the home WiFi network, install the app, and scan QR code or type in the code from the screen. Further simply adjust the temperature according to your wishes and rhythm of life. The number of connected devices is not limited because Wiser Air integrates with IFTTT. It is suitable for any systems such as heat pumps, HVAC systems as well as for areas with central heating.

Easy and intuitive user interface allows you to change the heating mode according to your lifestyle. No more complicated buttons, only one movement of a finger and it’s warm and cozy in your home. This type of control is an indubitable advantage because you can adjust the temperature in the house from any point of the globe.

Schneider Electric Wiser Air Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat is equipped with Eco IQ function the intelligent guesses about user preferences. Thanks to the installation of this new supplement of Schneider Electric, the users no longer need to constantly enter the desired temperature, as it tends to be for the vast majority of smart thermostats on the market today. If the users of Wiser Air Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat experience discomfort, now they only need to provide a feedback. The new function will guess about the optimum temperature for users, quickly teach Eco IQ, and send a feedback signal to create a comfortable heating or cooling mode.

Schneider Electric Wiser Air Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat is a great and economical way to manage home’s energy system. In thermostat settings, the user can select the priority: saving money over comfort or comfort over saving money. There is also a possibility to stay in between. According to calculations, the clever use of capabilities of this device will save about 23% of the energy used by the modern climate system during the year. Thus, Schneider Electric offers a way to significantly reduce the utility costs.

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