Lux Products TX9600TS Universal 7-Day Thermostat Review 2020


This thermostat has easy utilization and functionality.


There is no Wi-Fi function.

To make some advancement in the cooling and heating system of your home, you can consider the TX9600TS thermostat by Lux. This thermostat is digital but it does not have much energy management attributes. But, it is programmed for a maximum of 4 periods in one day and multistage heating.

This thermostat has a two-stage process of heating and only a single stage for cooling. But, this should not be a problem because most air conditioning systems are single-stage only. Cooling at single-stage means that the fan is set at one speed only and it does not pace up increasingly utilizing low energy. This thermostat is capable of programming the fan for an entire house and keeps it all well ventilated. It has .25 degrees of temperature swing which according to us is the smallest, meaning that the target temperature of your home will be maintained better than all other thermostats.

The TX9600TS has easy programming and each week day can be programmed individually. There is no override one-touch button, so to reset the entire schedule, either you reprogram each day individually or reset everything. However, this thermostat does allow you to go to manual from automatic mode, which helps to override temperature temporarily. There are vacation and hold features if you are not in your home for some days.

A small typeface on a touch screen can cause headaches, so TX9600TS shows large letters and numbers so that you can program the unit without squinting. The screen of this thermostat enables easy night viewing as it is backlit. The thermostat is easy to install and can be done yourself if you follow the manuals instructions from the website of Lux. This product does not provide home automation ability or Wi-Fi which is quite rare.

This thermostat is not rich in features, but to make up for it Lux offers a warranty of three years without the requirement of registration. There is no forum service or live chat, so you will have to contact Lux customer support via telephone and email.

Here is a video about how to replace Old Thermostat with LUX TX9600TS 7-Day Prog.


The TX9600TS solid thermostat is made for people who prefer units with no or very less programming, although this also means that there are not enough features as compared to its competitors.

You can consider some smart high-ranked thermostats if you are looking for additional features like humidity sensors and Wi-Fi, but if you are controlling your thermostat manually the Lux TX9600TS will be a good upgrade. A few prominent features are missing from this programmable unit, such as multistage cooling and one-touch over ride, but its large user interface and programming simplicity make it very easy to operate.

How to installing LUX TX9600TS thermostat.

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