Ingersoll-Rand 231HA 1/2-Inch Impact Wrench Review 2020

Are you a great car fanatic… And looking for something incredible for doing tedious tasks without any difficulty..? Then Ingersoll Rand 231HA heavy- duty 1/2-Inch Air Impact Wrench is definitely the precise choice. It is an extraordinary tool for the mechanics all around the world. This tool has set high performance standards and executes even the toughest jobs like tire rotation, removal of bolts, tightening of the nuts, tasks relating to brakes, etc in no time and much more conveniently than ever.

Ingersoll-Rand 231HA Specifications:

  • Warranty for 1 year
  • Unmatched speed of 8000 rev/min.
  • Reasonably lightweight at just 2.812 kgs
  • Force- feed lubricating system
  • 590 feet pound maximum torque
  • Extremely powerful.

This model of pneumatic impact wrench comes with simple functioning and accomplishes all the complex repairs and maintenance tasks of automobiles so effortlessly. The maximum rotation speed of 590 feet pounds and its unparalleled speed of 8000 revolutions per minute sets higher standards of power and performance making it all the more appealing. The light weight of only 2.812 kgs (6.2 pounds) makes it applications and benefits wide-ranging. Unlike those bulky and massive power tools which exhaust the users with prolonged use; it is relatively light in weight. It can be used for doing jobs requiring longer time periods without causing over exertion in workers. So users find it easy to work with Ingersoll-Rand 231HA1/2-Inch Impact Wrench.

It comes with superior twin- hammer impact mechanism which makes it more efficient and powerful. The users need not worry about the air that is emitted from the machine because the wrench has in- handle exhaust which directs all the air away from the machinist and his respective work area.  It has pressure feed lubrication system which enhances its quality. One year warranty can be availed with the sales receipt or invoice.


  • It has no complex functioning and can be used easily by everyone.
  • This tool has a long life.
  • It is relatively less expensive tool and pocket friendly for all types of users.


  • It is unsuitable for protracted time periods due to heavy weight according to some of the users.

best 1 2 impact wrench

Customers reviews and rating

The Ingersoll-Rand 231HA has received a very warm and positive customer response. Most of the customers reviewed this tool as best for a layperson as he can easily use this tool for performing automobile repairing without incurring much expenses. The durability and speed of the tool is commendable. One of the customers, having used this tool for a period of 6 years appreciates it for its durability. But the tool is criticized by some customers on grounds of its weight. Some users say that it is heavier when compared to other wrenches available in market.

Nearly 14 customers reviewed this product at Amazon and gave it a wonderful rating of 4.5/5.0

“I used to repair railroad freight cars before retirement and this tool was a great companion at work. It is always my first choice whenever I need a strong impact at home .Whenever I had to do a job in a tight place Ingersoll-Rand 231HAalways accomplished it.”

Joseph, Amazon customer review

“Changing or rotating tires of my truck or car has always been a less time consuming   job…all thanks to Ingersoll-Rand 231H! It justifies each penny you spend if you’re a common man doing your repairs all by yourself just like me…! It you’re too old to make you car fit again manually, then it is the right choice. And yes if you add a tiny amount of oil whenever you use it then it’s surely gonna last longer.”

Ray R, Amazon customer review

“I used this impact driver to fit my airlines and it worked as efficiently as I had expected it to! If you ever need to change a tire on the road, remember to have “torque sticks” for drive lug nuts as the wrench over tightens them.”

Kevin Wright, Amazon customer review


Ingersoll Rand 231HA heavy- duty 1/2-Inch Air Impact Wrench is just the thing you need when it comes to a pocket friendly and a simple impact tool for your automobiles.

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