How To Choose The Best Z-Wave Thermostat And Which We Suggest to Buy 2020

A thermostat is a device, which is designed to provide and regulate a certain temperature in the room or apartment, thereby creating comfortable and optimal for human life living conditions in it. Thermostat gives the possibility to set and control the temperature of heating devices. Click here to learn more about wifi thermostat.

The technology is constantly developing, and nobody will be surprised by the thermostats, which allow users to set different temperature regimes at different times of a day. Already, there are options with the help of which you can adjust the temperature and even humidity for different days of the week.

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The smartest thermostats on today’s market can be divided into 2 main groups:

  • Smart thermostats that the user does not need to program as they learn automatically in accordance with the users’ behavior;
  • Thermostats with a possibility to be controlled remotely.

Today, we will discuss in details the second group. Its representatives can be controlled via any mobile device or laptop with the access to the Internet. The operation of these thermostats is based on the Z-Wave technology.

Short Overview

Z-Wave technology allows users to control home systems from anywhere and see the current status of the devices. In a case of thermostats, you can set the comfortable temperature in the particular period of the day. Usually, there are 4 periods of the day available. Moreover, you can add these devices to your Z-Wave network and have the ability to heat or cool your apartment according to your preferences. With the help of Auto Change option, the preset temperature regime can be changed by a user remotely.

Using a heating system constructed on the basis of Z-Wave compatible devices can significantly reduce the energy consumption and therefore costs. For example, at night, it is enough to heat only the bedrooms and bathrooms near them, but during a normal daily life the most-used rooms and facilities. Also, there is no need to heat all the rooms in the house, if there’s nobody home in the afternoon. In this case, it is enough to maintain a comfortable minimum temperature. This latest technology is one of the shortest steps to the green living. According to the various estimates, Z-Wave devices allow you to save about 33% annually along with the benefits, associated with comfort and ease of use.

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The number of Z-Wave devices is expanding day by day, which enables users to choose the favorite products. Of course, temperature control units have common features and functions. Most of them are able to learn the user’s behavior and program automatically in accordance with it, as well as be accessed via the Internet and mobile applications. In a Z-Wave network, thermostats can take care of your comfort even when the user is not at home at the moment. For example, by setting the timing options you can turn off the heater not before, but right after you go out of the house, and turn it on also before coming back home. The possibility to control Z-Wave thermostat from your mobile device helps to change the preferred temperature from any place in the world. Some models will show you the required time to perform the heating or cooling action. You can see the energy consumption and start saving money by changing your temperature regimes. Some thermostats can maintain the preset temperature for particular time and day, even when there is no power in the house. In the shop, you will see options with the Daylight Savings Time features. But commonly when purchasing a Z-Wave thermostat, you will get a device with the LCD display, which can be remotely controlled, with the low battery indicator. Of course, there will be some preinstalled program modes and temperature settings in both Fahrenheit and Celsius ranges. All these settings are stored thanks to the built-in memory.

What Are The Best Z-wave Thermostats on the Market In the Year 2020?

Honeywell YTH8320ZW1007/U Z-Wave Thermostat Review

Honeywell YTH8320ZW1007/U
Honeywell YTH8320ZW1007/U

Maintain comfort in your home and reduce energy costs by using the programmable Z-Wave thermostat by Honeywell. Its’ easy to use, quick to install, and convenient thermostat functions allow homeowners to remotely control the temperature of your home and save money by reducing the energy consumption. Honeywell’s thermostat can be installed with the help of Wiresaver, which acts as a distributor and transmits commands of the compressor and fan on one of your existing wires. Wiresaver is installed easily next to your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. The company ensures that this feature is available in Honeywell YTH8320. But at the moment, it’s hard for us to confirm or discard whether this model needs the C-Wire.

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Reputable manufacturer

Good developed design

Thought-out display, which can be readable even in the low light

Wiresaver feature


Price tag is a little bit high

RCS Z-Wave Communicating Thermostat Review

RCS Z-Wave Communicating Thermostat
RCS Z-Wave Communicating Thermostat

This thermostat by the RCS company is a great example of Z-Wave control units. It has a pretty simple design. Despite that, the functionality of the device is on the high level. The full name of the manufacturer is Residential Control Systems Inc. and it’s present on the market of programmable thermostats. Nowadays, it may be not very popular among the lovers of automation technology. But it surely will. The Z-Wave Communicating Thermostat by RCS is gaining the popularity thanks to its well-thought out software. The design of the frame is expected to be improved in the next models of the manufacturer.

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Reliable manufacturer on the market of programmable thermostats

Easy readable blue display

RF signals have extended range


Body design is not in trend

Display looks too simple

It has the highest price tag in our list

2gig CT100 Z-Wave Thermostat

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On contrary to the RCS company mentioned above, 2gig is a very popular name in the range of automation technology and particularly Z-Wave devices. The major feature of its products is low price. 2gig doesn’t offer a wide range of additional functions, but their Z-Wave thermostats have everything needed. CT100 is a good example of hard work of the developers of 2gig. It combines high quality and affordable price. Some customers think this is the best z-wave thermostat under $100, Here is a detailed review about 2gig CT100.

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Simple design

Fully programmable

Affordable price


Small display

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