Honeywell RTH7600D Programmable Touchscreen Thermostat Review 2020

Sometimes you just want to have an easy way of controlling your home climate without really pressing a button each time. The old thermostats would have the user control it only from its main control with no remote access at all. I was just fed up with such type of thermostat, and it was time to make a few changes.

My journey to end up with the perfect thermostat for climate control had to start with a research first. Well, let us just say I was amazed with the way thermostats have evolved over the years.

With the many options that I got from my search that day, there is only one that stood out for me, the Honeywell RTH7600D programmable touchscreen model. The model packs quite a number of features, which would be just perfect for your home. Being programmable for 7 days and still touchscreen, it made the product get on my list of best thermostats. Below you will get to learn more about what makes the model even more reliable for home use.

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Easy to use and convenient

From the topic, the notable feature would be that the thermostat is touchscreen. Having a touchscreen is quite important to do away with all the buttons. The model now comes with a neat look you get with even smartphones today. Less buttons means less clutter for new devices today.

If you had trouble operating the previous models, which had only buttons, this model’s big screen helps you have an easy time making changes to the controls. People would ask about the screen’s backlit light. That should not be a problem as the green and black light will not always be on. The moment you touch the screen is when the light comes on and will dim in a couple of minutes after you are done making the changes.

When it comes to convenience, temperature control has been this easy. The model gives you a chance to choose the way you need your house warmed for 7 days in advance. Before such a feature, you had to change the settings each day just to have the right temperature in the house. The device gives you 4 settings to choose from and they include wake, leave, sleep, and return.

Smart Response technology

We all love technology, so this model is design to us that feeling of being technologically advanced. With the smart response technology, the model can maintain the temperature of your house based on the setting before even the time. The next time you wake up, the house temperature will be where you want it.

Save more energy

With the many movements today advocating about the importance of saving energy, it is easy to see why people would want a product that can save energy. Well, you just found it. The RTH7600D model gives you control over the amount of energy you use today.

Based on statistics carried out about the performance of the model, it is estimated that you can save up to 33 percent on energy bill over 12 months. Not all manufacturers can boast of having such a device with great performance. The programmable part also makes it easy for the user to choose the correct settings that minimize the use of energy. The thermostat does not always have to be on all the time.

Advanced features

The model is designed to have a memory important to keep the settings made earlier on by the user. Whenever there is a power blackout, you do not have to worry about resetting the thermostat again, it will have the same settings when power comes back.

With the advanced settings feature, you get to set the model to automatically adjust based on the time of the day. It will also offer alerts on when it is time to change the filter.


People might think that with the features, you have to spend a lot of money on it, but that is not the case. The model is quite affordable and will still give you control over the climate conditions of the house. If you like it, it is time to take the bold steps of buying it and enjoy each feature it has to offer.

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