Honeywell Lyric T5 Wifi Thermostat Review 2020

Lyric T5 is a Wi-Fi thermostat that was recently unveiled by Honeywell. It is an addition to their lineup of home products that are connected to Lyric.

All products under the Lyric brand; including the security systems used in homes, their systems of detecting water leaks, and their thermostats are all smart products which can be controlled remotely. This is done using a specially made mobile app by Lyric which is available to both the android and IOS mobile devices.

The Lyric T5 thermostat has incorporated the latest technologies in geofencing that enhances pairing with smart phones.

Using this feature, the device can detect when the owners are on their way home and readjust the settings of the temperature to preconfigured levels. When the owner leaves the house, the gadget detects their departure and it goes into a save mode that reduces the amount of energy in use.

During manufacture of their smart products, Lyric works with Amazon Echo and Apple Homekit. This helps them to improve their features of control and to be able to integrate better with more smart home use products. These products use the IF THIS, THEN THAT (IFTTT) scripts of home control.

When the temperature in your home’s interior is extremely high, lyric T5 can notify you through several smart alerts. The mobile app that accompanies the T5 thermostat can be configured to run a standard daily schedule for the seven days of the week. Alerts can even be sent to you when a change of HVAC filters is required.

Smart home devices are meant to benefit the targeted clients using their remote control features, their affordability, and their convenience. The T5 thermostats from Lyric are made to fit into anyone’s lifestyle. This is due to their ability to blend with other standards connected to the home and their multiple features.

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