When it comes to selecting a thermostat for your home or apartment, you will probably go for the best. The ease of use, the features, and its compatibility with your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems are a just but a few of the elements you will seek to influence your decision. The ecobee smart si thermostat is one gadget that will not disappoint you. The following ecobee smart si thermostat review outlines some of the basic reasons why this wifi enabled, smart thermostat might be your best choice when it comes to an air conditioning device.

The Ecobee smart Si is a unique thermostat which can be controlled by a smartphone, a computer or a tablet and is wifi enabled. This thermostat is very easy to use. It has an automated system with a primary focus on minimizing the energy consumption in your apartment and saving on your energy usage and costs. Its flexibility gives you unlimited options for configuration to different modes like home, away, vacation settings and also sleep and awake settings. It has a display unit which is not touch screen, but this is unnecessary since you can control its system settings remotely from anywhere using your smartphone or personal computer. The display has outdoor and indoor temperature values which enable you to monitor the temperature range and variations.



Starting with some pros, we see that,

– It costs much less than its competitors, the Lyric, the Nest, and the Ecobee 3 thermostats. Actually over $100 cheaper. But it has unique features that are unmatched even by these expensive thermostats.

– It is very easy to use which makes it easier to create schedules through its drag and drop interface. This is much faster compared to the learning process associated with the Nest and other thermostats.

-It has a traditional slim design that is unobtrusive. It can fit naturally in any home apartment and might even look better than the shiny, modernised thermostats.

– It has additional control options which enable you to fine control the minimum and maximum ranges of temperature, humidity and the cycle times.

– It can generate a detailed usage report and data which compares the indoor and outdoor temperatures and humidity. It also generates reports on HVAC usage with optional system reminders and alerts.

– It is ZigBee compatible. You can add ZigBee wireless energy control and monitoring accessories to help you manage energy consumption in your home.

– It can work without a C-wire but you will have to use a power extender kit.

– Its display screen shows the values of outdoor and indoor temperatures.

– it has a full-colour display with an adjustable brightness and backlight setting.

– If you don’t have a C-wire on your system, you will have to purchase a power extender kit separately and use it.

– It is not touch screen. But it synchronises pretty well with its application and web portals so most people will not care.

– The temperature can only be set by 30-minute intervals, unlike other thermostats which can be set at 10 minutes or even less.


The Ecobee Smart Si thermostat can be rated a four out of five stars. It would be better if it had a power extender kit included in its package rather than it being separately acquired. The screen can also be expanded since there is some considerable face-plate area being wasted.

Some other reasons why the Ecobee Smart Si might be the best thermostat available on the market right now are;

You will find all the things you need and nothing you don’t require.
The Ecobee smart Si thermostat is a full-featured gadget with everything you’d expect, without the consolation features on its competitors, that people pay more for. It has a 4.5 stars out of 5 on amazon and has always been a steady competitor to other expensive thermostats like the Nest and the Lyric. Most people only discover the Ecobee smart Si after having problems with the other thermostats.

It is the best budget ecobee thermostat which even outshines more expensive models.

The Ecobee smart Si is a budget thermostat without many sacrifices. It is over $100 cheaper than better models but is remotely configurable and accessible with additional features that stand out over the more expensive models. The only thing that it doesn’t feature is a touch screen but you can do all the usual stuff using its buttons to the right.

The good thing about it is that you can use your smartphone, iPhone or personal computer to make any system setting changes anywhere at any time as long as you have internet connection on your device. Wifi enabled thermostats normally range between $200 to $250 per piece. Some models like the Honeywell Lyric don’t generate usage reports or send alerts. They also don’t give you unlimited control over your system settings. The Ecobee smart Si does just that.


The Ecobee smart si thermostat is a gadget that will meet all your needs and expectations. It has all you’ll ever want from a smart thermostat. It might cost over $100 less than its competitors but it sure manages temperature and energy in an eco-friendly way. Its unique features, quick installation, easy programming and control of your apartment’s temperature together with its reporting features make it a good match for its more expensive competitors.

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