Consumer Reports and Ratings of Best Rated Hot Tub Spas 2020

Find The Best Rated Hot Tubs for Your Space

One of the best things about owning a home is being able to customize the yard just the way you like it. Few customizations will bring more joy or get more use than adding your very own hot tub.  But, making such a substantial purchase can seem a bit overwhelming.  Fortunately, this guide will get you started with a terrific selection to meet most needs and budgets. Let’s take a look at some best-rated hot tubs and their features so you know exactly where to start in your search.

Top Rated Hot Tub Under $800

For some, a key factor in their choice for hot tubs is going to be cost.  But, keeping the budget in mind is no reason not to have a great outdoor spa experience.  The Model B-130 Camaro Hot Tub by M-Spa is a perfect example of quality and savings.  Retailing under $800, this one still has a lot of wow factors.  First, it has an impressive set of 110 bubble jets.  Don’t let the lower price point fool you either.  This one is built to last day after day and year after year.  The control panel is built right into the unit making adjusting temperature and jet power as easy as pushing a button.  With a 134 gallon capacity, you won’t be left high and dry with this model.

Best Rated Hot Tub Spa with 51 Jets

If you love to have a few friends over and want to make hot tub fun part of the experience, the 6 Person Hot Tub by Home and Garden Spas may be just the right fit.  Along with plenty of seating, it has plenty of jets, 51 to be exact.  This makes it easy for everyone to find just the right combination to relax them all without a battle for the perfect spot. The easy to use topside controls also make getting all the settings just right a breeze as well.  As an added bonus, this portable beauty features an acrylic surface that is slip resistant which is key to making sure the good times are safe as well.

Best Blow Up Hot Tub With 120 Jets

If you think your hot tub needs to be highly mobile, inflatable may be a great option. The Purespa Inflatable Hot Tub by Intex fits the bill very nicely.  It may be inflatable,  but once inside you get all the best features including 120 jets.  One especially nice feature on this one is the included locking cover.  This helps keep your yard safe and your hot tub clean without constantly draining and refilling which can get costly over time.  With a maximum temperature of 103 degrees Fahrenheit, it gets warm enough to be relaxing without exposing you to dangerously high temperatures.  This means you can stay in longer without fear of overheating.  Made to accommodate up to 4 users at a time, it allows you the compact size that fits anywhere with just enough space to share.

Best Plug and Play Jet Spa With a 5 Person Capacity

Nothing can be more frustrating than a long and complicated set up process.  The Strong Spas SS12260300 Cyprus 14 Jet Spa makes it as easy to get your chill on as plugging it in.  Built from durable resin with a stainless steel heater, it is ready to take on the elements season after season and still keep going strong.  With a 4~5 person capacity, there is plenty of space to stretch out in a lounger or cuddle up close to someone special.  Able to keep a constant temperature of 104 degrees Fahrenheit, you’ll never have to be out in the cold even when you use it in the middle of winter. One really nice thing about this model is the foot jets that helps massage achy, tired feet. 

Best Round Portable Hot Tub Spa

Sometimes shape just matters.  Whether for aesthetic reasons or just because you love circles, if you are looking for a round hot tub to complete your yard, you need the PH050018 from Homax.  It comes complete with a thermal cover that zips into place ensuring a secure fit every time.  It is an inflatable model meaning it is light weight and highly portable.  This also allows easy storage of the unit if you have an off season when you won’t be using it at all.  It reaches maximum temperature within 24 hours so you may want to plan ahead just a little if you aren’t going to keep it up and filled all the time.

High End Hot Tub Spa For Best Experience

If you want to add a really high end element to your backyard spa experience, you’ve got to check out the QCA Spas Star Bright 7 Person 53 Jet Lounger Spa in Silver Marble.  Composed of Lucite, this is one is built to take whatever you and your guests dish out and still look great on the other side. While on the topic of guests, no one wants to limit your party fun so this jewel seats 7 allowing you to pack the house without overloading the best seats around.  Even though this is a high end option, that doesn’t mean that you don’t want to get the most for your dollar.  This unit is very energy efficient and has no problem holding the temperature up while keeping your power bills down.  That makes for a win for you and the environment.

Top Rated Hot Tub Spa For Seven People

You know what they say about saving the best for last?  Here it is.  The Lifesmart 600DX from Lifesmart is everything you want in a hot tub and a few things you never realized you needed.  This one is fully insulated with foam meaning it gets to temperature and stays there.  That constant temperature also means that you aren’t wasting time or money reheating it when you are ready to slide in and relax.  The solid exterior shell is ready to stand up to years of constant use while still looking as good as the day you bought it.  Featuring seating for 7 and 65 jets, it provides a full body massage experience time and again. Any of these would make a great addition to your personal backyard oasis.  With models and features for any budget or space limitations imaginable, it isn’t hard to see why hot tubs have become such a popular feature in back yards all over the country.

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