Coleman Lay-Z Spa Inflatable Hot Tub Review 2020

Coleman Lay-Z spa maybe is the best seller of all the inflatable hot tubs in 2020.

It seems that most Americans are familiar with the Coleman. Coleman has long been one of the market dominators in outdoor products. It’s tough, rugged, simple and it works.  Coleman Lay-Z provides a DVD instruction so that you can easily follow to set your Lay-Z inflatable hot tub up as easy as play StackerGame. They have predicted this maybe a question for most beginners. After the spa is inflated, you can fill it with water use the attached pump.

If youâ€re looking for a good inflatable hot tubs, this one is a great product. It features portability, easy set-up and some other features like warm soothing bubbles, digital control panel, integrated water filtration.

Features of Coleman Lay-Z Spa

Saving Money:

There is not too many special features, that means you don’t have to pay extra money for that.

Lay-Z-Massage System:

This is the highlight of Coleman Lay-Z Spa Inflatable Hot Tub. It is a hydromassage system which can increase your experience when use it.

Rapid Heating System:

How long to heat up? With this system it can set up the water temperature more quickly than other products, it can raise the temperature about 2-3 degrees per hour. But I think it is better to fill it with hot water then just use the rapid heating system to keep the temperature at the comfortable level. If you doing so, it will cost you more money, but that means you don’t need to wait hours.

Digital Control Panel:

On top of the Lay-Z, there is a green egg-shaped panel, this is the controller of all the functions it has, like activates the bubbles, change the temperature, and so on.

Integrated Water Filtration:

This filtration system has two extra filters, the function is to keep theur water clean, it will start if the heating system is activated, and when the heating system stop working, it will continue to work.

Insulated Cover:

This cover is used to cover the hot tub when it is not used to maintain heat and keeps the water clear. It can provide greater insulation with some leather-type piece fits inside.

Chemical Floater:

You can put the chemicals you may need in it, and it can float in the water so that it is easy to catch it.

It can protect the hot tub’s bottom from sting by some sharps.


  • Person capacity: 4-6 (I’m leaning towards 4 on this one)
  • Water Capacity: 254 gal.
  • Filled weight: 2,701 lbs.
  • Inflated size: 77 diameter x 28 high
  • Heat capacity: 104°F (40°C)
  • Operates on 120V household current
  • Rating: 110-120V 60Hz, 12A at 20°C

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