Best Postage scale reviews 2020

 Postage scale types and features

Postage scale is a small but very useful device that is used for measuring weight of mail, envelopes and small packages. Experts say that it is possible to reduce postal expenses by almost 20% when taking close control over the weight of your correspondence.

As any other types of modern machinery, postage scales can be of different types and sizes. There are entry level models for home and occasional use as well as sophisticated devices specially designed to be used in large offices and deal with loads of mail and packages.

In the following text I will be talking about scales designed for home or small office use only.

Mechanical postage scale was the only type used in the past but currently digital postage scale becomes more popular. Mechanical scale use wire spring to measure weight. They are cheap but have low accuracy.

Digital postage scale is build around sensor that generates electricity when being compressed with weight. These electric signals are processed and calculated with special microchip and the results of weighing are displayed on screen in digits.

The benefits of using the digital postage scale instead of mechanical are following:

  • Higher accuracy. Depending on the model, digital scales can be from 10 to 100 times more precise than mechanical
  • Most of the digital postage scale models can automatically convert units. This mean that you can weight objects in ounces or grams, pounds or kilograms at the sane time.
  • It is much easier to read digital postage scales because they present results in numbers. No need to mess with gauges and pointers like it was with mechanical scales.
  • Digital scales can be programmed with bonus features like the ability of weighting food without weighing the cup holding this food.

The most advanced digital postage scale models can be used in many other ways other than weighting mail envelopes. For example: they can calculate calories of the food weighted or download latest postal rates from Internet.

There are dozens of different postal scales are currently available on the market. It is important to pick the right model that will fit your needs. There are some key elements of scales you have to pay attention to. Let me talk on each of them briefly.

  • Weighing capacity is one of the major characteristics of any scales. Every postage scale model has maximum allowed weight to be measured with the device. You have to thing well before making a decision about the capacity. Measuring objects beyond the limited weight normally leads to destroying the sensor and braking scales.
  • Postage scale has to be easy to use. Try picking the model that has intuitive interface and big control buttons.
  • Many of postage scale models have advanced features. Some have digital output and can be connected to a computer. Others have sophisticated accounting functions and able to do many calculations. There is even a password protected postage scales exist. They can’t be used by unauthorized people.

Be sure to read the product manual and look through the reviews before purchasing scales. I hope my website will help you with some handy postage scale reviews.

The Best Postage scale We Choose 2017

A lot of people building business around selling items online. One of my closest friends is also have small home office where he runs an online store. As the number of the packages and boxes was growing he was spending more and more time at the local postal office. At the certain point he decided to buy a best postage scale that will allow him to print shipping labels at home and save a lot of time.

It is important to pick the right scale to fit your needs. You have to be able to weight objects a little heavier than you normally do. The accuracy of the postage scale should be high in order to avoid additional expenses to the mail that was incorrectly weighted. The price is also matters. You don’t want to spend too much money on the digital device. My advice would be to study online websites and read as much reviews as possible before making a decision.

My friend spent almost a week browsing forums and review sites. He finally decided to purchase the Weigh Max digital postage scale with a capacity of 75 lbs.

This postage scale fits perfectly to work with envelopes and packages and have accuracy of 0.1 ounces. It is important to verify that the precision of the device so my friend used several calibration weights to be sure that postage scale works fine.

A couple of months of daily usage proved that Weigh Max postage scale is fully functional and works just as advertised. It fits perfectly for the needs of small business and looks good as well. It is really important that the size of a postage scale is compact so it is possible to store it right on the counter.

The LCD display is easy to read and have high contrast to work in the room where there is not enough light. The controls are simple and there are basically just three buttons: on/off, Tare function and operating mode switch. The conversion feature works just perfectly and my friend never had any problems switching between kilograms, pounds and ounces. When not used for a few minutes Weigh Max turns off automatically. This one is crucial when running on batteries.

It is amazing that you can buy such a wonderful device online for such a little money. The shipping price is usually included as well as AC power adapter and one battery. Having a lifetime warranty makes of this project highly recommend for everyone who had to deal with loads over mail packages or envelopes because. It helps saving you time and money!

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