Best BLACK & DECKER Wood Planer Kit, 7698K Review 2020

Best BLACK & DECKER Wood Planer Kit, 7698K Review 2016

The Black & Decker 7698K electric planer is a device you can easily find on the Internet for less than $100. Therefore, it makes this tool one of the most appealing in its category, we consider it as the best Black&Decker wood planer kit.

Given its reputation, I was eager to try it myself.  So here are my impressions on this Black & Decker tool after a few hours of use:


The device is robust and you can see it is created with solid and good quality materials.  It comes with 4 high-quality reversible HSS blades.  It offers results that really live up to the expectations that a person can have regarding the regular uses of the tool.

The sole of this electric planer is made of cast aluminum, which makes it an ultra-resistant on that side.  Because of that, you can have absolute trust in the tool’s performance when using it for any kind of work.

On the engine side, the electric planer has a very powerful motor of 5.2 Amp which will allow you to realize a clean work without smudges.  Undeniably, with a standard depth of cut that goes up to 5/64-inch deep, it was a brilliant idea from the company to propose a total of 10 positions.  This should give you all the necessary finesse for all type of cuts.


The electric plane has a weight of 5 kg, which I found a little high, especially compared to other electric planers.  Overall, the ergonomics are quite good with a grip that is easy to handle.  The handles are resistant and of good quality.  Therefore, you will be able to exert enough pressure without being afraid to break anything.

However, I would like to point out that the security button’s location has not been thought for people who are left-handed.  I think it would have been wiser to position it to another place.

Aside from that, you can plan with a fitting grip without any problem.


The tool comes with a completely satisfactory case which allows you to safely place the planer in your storage area.

Moreover, the package includes also a very useful parallel guide as well as a dust bag which I found a little too small.  Then again, with this model, it is possible to connect a vacuum cleaner for bigger projects.


Overall, this Black & Decker 7698K electric planer offers truly high-performance planing.  You can feel the attention and efforts the company put in their tool to offer its customers a high-quality material that will satisfy anyone.

With a warranty of two years parts and labor, this electric planer will truly be a real asset for people who want to carry out planing in good conditions while enjoying a high-quality price ratio.


– Price is cheap
– Solid material
– Easy to use
– Really good finish


– A little heavy
– Hard to reach security button for left-handed
– Small dust bag

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