AMD thread tearer 3990X complete machine hands-on experience

At CES in early 2020, AMD announced the highest-spec desktop processor flagship Ryzen Threadripper 3990X in its consumer-grade product line. Once it was announced, it directly crushed all the processors on the market and added relatively high prices. Become a faith version in the eyes of DIY fans.

This time we are lucky enough to get a supercomputer, powered by AMD this king CPU, the next will take you to re-experience under Threadripper 3990X ” only three screens to display complete ” performance .

The CPU of this whole machine platform is the biggest highlight of the whole host. It is equipped with the Ryzen Threadripper 3990X, which is also the most powerful processor that can be purchased in the consumer-level field. This CPU uses 7nm Zen2 architecture, has a terrifying 64-core 128 threads, full-core turbo frequency of 2.9GHz, but the highest single-core frequency still reaches 4.3GHZ, and the frequency is not significantly reduced due to the increase in the number of cores.

This CPU is also equipped with a total of 288MB of high-speed cache, and now mainstream consumer processors are only 36MB at most, which shows how powerful its specifications are.

Because the specifications are too high, the thermal power consumption of this CPU is designed to be 280W. In order to suppress this monster-level CPU, its radiator adopts Cooler Master’s Ice God G360 integrated water cooling, and is equipped with 6 fans. The form of sandwiching hamburgers heats the cold exhaust, which has a stronger heat dissipation capacity than the conventional Bingshen G360.

The motherboard uses the GIGABYTE TRX40 DESIGNARE “designer” motherboard, as its CPU part adopts 16+3 direct-out power supply, with 4 channels and 8 groups of memory slots. There are 4 sets of PCI-E X16/X8 slots and 4 sets of PCI-E 4.0 M.2 slots under the main board to meet the 3990X information transmission requirements with 88 PCle 4.0 channels.

As for the memory configuration, there are 8 memory slots on the motherboard. For this supercomputer, it is natural that they are all fully inserted. The memory is prepared with the Corsair Avenger memory module, the frequency is 2666MHz, and the timing is 16-18-18-35. Overclocked to 3200MHz. However, the capacity of each Corsair memory stick here has reached 32GB, so the total memory capacity has reached the level of 256GB. This memory capacity may be larger than some users’ solid state drives.

The graphics card is equipped with 3 RX 5700XT, which can be considered as a relatively familiar hardware. The internal heat dissipation module is composed of five heat pipes, and a 10CM super fan can quickly discharge the heat of the graphics card. The BOOST core frequency is 1750MHz, and the video memory frequency is 14GHz. It is currently AMD’s marketable single-card gaming graphics card . The reason why I chose the RX 5700XT graphics card of Vixon is because of the limitation of the motherboard slot interval, not all graphics cards can be installed with 3 graphics cards at the same time, and the width of Vixon RX 5700XT is just within two slots, so I chose three Shaoxun RX 5700XT graphics card allows two of the cards to achieve crossfire .

The case that carries this series of top configurations is the KuN MOD custom-made global limited open case of the case Yingguang. Its volume is very large and it is made of all-metal material. It is impossible for one person to move it, including the various hardware in the body. The color matching style adopts the red and black colors common in e-sports games, with a metal chassis frame. The whole computer reveals a wild atmosphere, which is very compatible with the top internal hardware.

In addition to the top-level hardware host, there are also peripheral accessories. The display is MSI’s PS341WU 34-inch 5K fish-screen display priced at 9,999 yuan. Peripherals adopt a full set of Razer configuration: Razer Soul Hunter Light Spider Elite Edition keyboard + Razer Barcelis Snake Ultimate Edition mouse + Blaze Worm V2 mouse pad + Beihai Giant Monster Ultimate Edition headset.

In fact, sharp-eyed friends should remember that this set of computers is the MOD host jointly created by AMD&Tmall&KUN MOD, the “supercomputer” in the China Joy Tmall booth this year. Next, I will give you a test. “Supercomputer” performance.

Mainstream performance test you know

After getting this super host, of course, the first one is to run a point, and use Cinbench R15, Cinbench R20, CPU Z and other DIY players already familiar with CPU testing software.

For the 3990X with 64 cores, the rendering test of Cinbench R15 is just like loading a picture. 128 frames are rendered “instantly”, achieving a score of 9840. The more stressful Cinbench R20 also achieved a score of 23579, no matter which one is unprecedented.

Battlefield 5 multiplayer +30000 bit rate live broadcast

The test game selected the “Battlefield 5” multiplayer mode. The reason for choosing this game is mainly because the “Battlefield 5” multiplayer mode puts a lot of pressure on the CPU. Its cold engine multi-core optimization capability is second to none in the industry. Even with an 8-core 16-thread processor, the overall utilization in a multiplayer game can reach more than 70%, and 16 threads can be used at the same time, so here is the multiplayer mode of this game to test the performance of 3990X.

“Computers and computers cannot be generalized “

This is a “super computer” as the current performance is at the top of the machine , a complete set of test down, whether it is daily running points or practical software applications, has a rolling resistance performance, especially in a professional rendering software testing after , It also made me realize how big the gap between mainstream processors and top professional processors is.

If you zoom in to a real movie with a total of 100 minutes at 24 frames per second, and use the “mortal body” of a mainstream consumer processor to complete these rendering tests, then compared to a semi-professional processor such as 3990X, the difference is more than pure The simple number of 5 times 6 times 7 times is several weeks or even months ahead, which shows how high the hardware performance requirements of the professional film and television rendering field are. The Ryzen Threadripper 3990X CPU was created specifically for this industry, providing extremely powerful performance for a series of professional operations such as modeling, animation, rendering, and saving a lot of time.

After testing the whole machine, I can only sigh that “computer and computer cannot be generalized”.

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