White Rodgers is now a brand of Emerson Climate Technologies. With over 75 years of expertise in Heating and Cooling Controls, White-Rodgers is proud to offer a full line of furnace controls, gas valves, cooling and heat pump controls, water heater valves and controls as well as our leading edge thermostats.

The famous wifi thermostat of White Rodgers is the Sensi Wi-Fi Programmable Thermostat, since it became a brand of Emerson, the products are not named as White Rodgers series. Of course, there are some thermostats called White-Rodgers UP300, etc. But they are not the best and newest products.

Why Chooses White Rodgers?

The reason some people chose White Rogers over Honeywell is that it do not need any extra wiring, which is a hard work for DIY people. Other reasons are like it is not difficult to install, easier to control.

Review of Sensi Wi-Fi Programmable Thermostat

The full name of Sensi thermostat is White-Rodgers Emerson Sensi Wi-Fi Thermostat, but the company and all stores online called it Sensi for short, when someone says Sensi, all people know they are talking about this charming device. Sensi is a wifi enabled thermostat that you can control through web, app on smartphones. It can support 7 day scheduling and you can set many periods of each day. The Emerson Sensi has some useful energy-management tools which can save you a lot of energy. It can save up to 33% of your energy costs. The humidity sensor makes it possible to keep an eye on the humidity of your house and with a humidifier or humidifier it can control the humidity as well. Emerson offers a longer warranty than other wireless thermostats. This shows their confidence in their products.


  • Cheap price than competitors -This thermostat has all the power and convenience of a WiFi enabled thermostat, but the price is nearly half of the competitors, this is very appealing to customers. It is about $100+ cheaper than Nest and ecobee3, but the most functions and features are the same.
  • Amazon Echo supports Sensi -Amazon Echo is a voice controller of a home automation system, it can make you more convenient to control all your smart things at home, all you need to do is open your mouth and give a command, then the Echo convey the orders to the devices that support Echo. You can see a detail review of Echo here. With the support of Amazon Echo, you control the Sensi in a more relaxed way, just say Alexa, set the temperature to 65 or something like that in the form Echo will understand.
  • Design of concise and practical, no useless design -The appearance is more like a traditional thermostat, if you were got used to the traditional devices, you will soon adapt to use this one with no more to learn.
  • +/-1 degree fluctuation range, this can give you a more accurate temperature, if you are a sensitive people to the temperature, more accurate is better than a big swing range of temperature.
  • Pin lockout- this can prevent kids or other people adjusting your settings when you are not home.
  • 3 year warranty
  • Does not need a c-wire(something called common wire also), this makes it easier to install than other thermostats like Ecobee or Nest.
  • Easy to control.
  • Support four-stage heating systems. This is a very useful feature, since most other products only support 2-stage heating systems. Also, it supports electric heat and air conditioning, which Nest and Honeywell thermostat don’t.


  • No learning functions. This means it is simple, straightforward, it won’t shut down with an update of software.
  • No energy use report, this means you will not know how much energy you have saved, but is it so important when you know it actually does save you up to 33% of energy?
  • No fancy geofencing funcitons. This means it can’t know if you are on the way to coming home and start working to give you a comfortable temperature when you arrive home as the Honeywell Lyric does.

My Rating and My Experience

I think Sensi is a nice thermostat which I can give a 4.6 stars out of 5, it is a good budget wifi thermostat with good quality and 3 years warranties, but the price is less than $100. Although it doesn’t have some smart features like motion sensors or learning ability, the function it has can meet most homeowners needs.

Thousands of customers on Amazon gave it a 4.5 out of 5 stars as well. Most of them were satisfied with this Sensi product. It is more like a programmable one that adds a wifi module so that you can control from anywhere with your phone. The wifi enabled module is a very important feature for saving energy as some people may forget to turn off the thermostat. Most customers said they would give it 5 stars if it can provide a usage report. But we all know that we can’t require more such a low price.

There is a similar product like Sensi, it is Ecobee Smart Si. They have nearly the same features and prices, but I think Sensi is better because it has a larger screen and it looks pretty than ecobee, moreover, it can work with more HVAC systems thanks to the no c-wire needed feature it has. Emerson is an old brand in thermostats industry, it has been making thermostats for about 80 years, so it has more experience to make good thermostats that are reliable and easy to use. Many reviewers who had both tried Nest and Sensi found that Sensi is easier to install and maintain a stable status.

The most important reason some customers chose Sensi is that it doesn’t need a C-wire. It use two AA batteries to provide power and you don’t need to change the batteries too frequently as it can works for months. And with no c-wire needed, it can work with more heating and cooling systems. But there is something I should remind you, if you use batteries and run the Wifi features, the batteries won’t work for too long, especially with heat only / cool only systems, so if you need the wifi features too much you’d better add a c-wire to provide power or consider solutions like Venstar add-a-wire.

Sensi can let you set easy, flexible scheduling as you need, you can program it with predictable schedule or you can easily override the programs as your schedule changes, you can even change 10+ times in a single day as you like, you can set different schedules for weekdays and weekends. It won’t try to learn your habits as a clumsy child, but it will do exactly what you command it to do.


Emerson provides iOS and Android app for their thermostats which you can download from Apple or Google App market, with the app, you can set programs, overrides and control the Sensi from anywhere on your smartphone. Most people who used the app found it very good, some complaint about the occasional inability to connect.

Wink hub integration

Sensi support wink in 2015, this is a small step toward integration with the controller devices and the home automation system. This means you can control the Sensi thermostat with the free Wink app instead of Sensi app. Maybe we’ll see Sensi works with other hubs and controllers like SmartThings and Mi Casa Verde!

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