Venstar WIFI Color Touch High Resolution T5800 Review 2020

What do you think of a touch screen device that has a full-color display as well as multiple functions? A thermostat! Yes, the venstar wifi colortouch high resolution color thermostat w/ touch screen! that’s the device that we expected you to picture in your mind based on the description of a device that has a full-color display as well as multiple functions. This is the most fitting description of this VENSTAR T5800 THERMOSTAT since it guarantees you very high-quality service that matches the best performance of a smartphone.

Most likely, the device that initially crossed your mind is either a tablet or a smartphone. These days, tablets, and smartphones have become life companions since they are the gadgets we rely on whenever we need to communicate with our families, friends, and also for business needs. Additionally, they have become reliable forms of entertainment and research tools as they operate like small and highly portable computers that can be used whenever and wherever.

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Below is a detailed venstar wifi colortouch high resolution review.


The main advantage of choosing this venstar wifi colortouch high resolution color thermostat w/ touch screen is that you will benefit from its increased ease of installation and use. It comes with a highly user-friendly functional screen that allows you to program the device effortlessly, without encountering any complicated features. Additionally, the interface is nicely designed such that everything is well presented. This unique blend of overall functionality and a remarkable display has contributed to its increased popularity and praise by the majority of the reviewers.
The main disadvantage of this device is its price is quite high as it goes for slightly over $150.00. There are a number of smart thermostats that are within this price range. That may not be a big issue given that it guarantees a similar level of performance. However, based on the fact that it is a programmable thermostat, this Venstar product is unusually more expensive. In case you have a constraint budget but do prefer a programmable thermostat that will operate well, you can choose a far cheaper model like WIN100.

Going by the introduction of this thermostat, you might have thought it was a smart thermostat. Contrary to your initial thoughts, this is essentially a programmable thermostat. The only exception is that it has the capacity to deliver such a remarkable range of features that make us mistake it for a smart thermostat.

Despite smart thermostats increasingly being preferred to programmable thermostats in recent times, the later are still very active in the market.

Actually, they are still very competitive since most thermostats on the market are the programmable thermostats. With its remarkable appeal and functionality, this VENSTAR T5800 thermostat is leading the pack of programmable thermostats.

Basic Functions

The most important point of VENSTAR wifi colortouch high resolution color thermostat w/ touch screen is its guaranteed high-resolution display that is further enhanced in terms of convenience by its touch screen capability. Even though this is more of a common feature these days, but it is still very remarkable since you will not have to press any buttons severally just to start your heating or cooling system. You will just have to tap full-color screen lightly and you are good to go! As a result of its high-resolution display, everything will be clearly visible on the screen. You will feel like you are using an iPhone, only that in this case it is a thermostat.

Just like how the majority of programmable units operate, it allows you to maintain a weekly schedule of your chosen temperature levels. As such, you can ensure your home is nice and warm in colder seasons and keep it cold during the hot summer days. Forget the times when you had to keep adjusting your HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system manually to achieve your preferred and comfortable temperatures. Just select your preferred schedule and relax as this thermostat will give you optimal service.

In case you are not in a position to go near to the screen, for instance, you are out of the house or you have traveled abroad, you will still be able to control the temperature by relying on its Wi-Fi connectivity. this is made possible by its Wi-Fi feature that is compatible with the ACC0454 accessory. This might pass as another common feature in these days; however, it still comes in handy. Additionally, this feature is very prominent with the smart thermostats.

By downloading the mobile app across all smart mobile devices, you will actually control your energy consumption and lower your costs. Experience total manual control of this thermostat from everywhere given that there is Wi-Fi network.

Additional Features

We likened this VENSTAR T5800 thermostat to a smartphone not just because of its high definition resolution and touch screen display, but on the grounds that it has numerous features that make it emerge at the top of the tech crowd.
To begin with, it alerts you according to the pre-configured notifications, which provide you with vital information such as the state of your system. Additionally, it also indicates if your home’s temperature exceeds or drops beyond your selected limits.

Its screen is capable of displaying text messages sent through a mobile device meaning you can actually text your loved ones via the thermostat. As such, you can utilize this feature to post daily reminders and notes to your family members.

Another notable feature is its security feature that ensures that it can only be used by people you trust.

Last but not least, it allows you to customize backgrounds. As a result, you can personalize it with the pre-set themes or with your personal photos. Compared to other thermostats that only allow you to pick color schemes that match your walls and interior decorations, this thermostat allows you to customize further.

Further Information

Venstar WIFI Thermostat w/ Touch Screen


Installing this VENSTAR wifi colortouch high resolution color thermostat w/ touch screen can be compared to hanging an attractive picture frame on your wall. only that in this case, this particular picture frame is additionally a multi-functional, simple-to-use, fully-loaded programmable touch screen device that enables you to be in full control of your home’s temperature.

In other words, it is a computer and a thermostat combined together. This means you will be getting a great deal out of your thermostat budget since you will be acquiring two devices as one.

Being in total control of your home temperature and comfort has never been so easy. Who guessed a basic unit could deliver such results? This is one reason why programmable thermostats are enduring even in the wake of smart thermostats.

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