Honeywell YRLV430A1005 Programmable Thermostat Review 2020

The Honeywell YRLV430A1005 Thermostat us for electric heaters only.Its a  simple to use line voltage programmable Thermostat. If you have electric heat in your house a programmable thermostat is really the only way to go to save on your winter electric bill.

Tge Honeywell YRLV430A 5-2 Day Electric Heat Programmable Thermostat. This high-capacity unit allows separate programming for weekdays and weekends, so you can create a personalized heating schedule that meets your needs. Incredibly easy to use, the RLV430A is compatible with electric baseboards (120 240 volts), convectors, and fan-forced heaters.

Save up to 33% on Annual Heating Costs
Using a programmable thermostat is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to reduce energy costs and protect the planet without sacrificing personal comfort.

By creating a program that automatically adjusts the temperature during times when optimum comfort is not necessary (e.g. when you’re sleeping or away from home), you can significantly cut down on your overall energy usage and reduce your monthly bills. In fact, depending on your geographic region and usage patterns, the RLV430A can help you save up to 33% on annual heating costs.

  • accurate temperature control of +/-0.5°F
  • Fast, easy, two-wire installation
  • 4 program periods per day program weekdays and weekends
  • Display is a bit small
  • No Backlight
  • No battery back up for time clock display

The Honeywell YRLV430A1005 Is For :

  1. Home Owners Of Electric Heaters
  2. Home Owners with Electric Heaters Smaller then 3500 watts  per zone or room
  3. Home Owners looking to lower their utility bills
  4. Home Owners with Electric Baseboard or Fan Forced Heaters ( Please note on most programmable thermostats you can run both fan forced heaters and baseboard heaters at the same time. They have different on / off cycles

Overall this Thermostat is a easy to install  single pole thermostat.  A home owner that  has a basic understanding of electricity ie:  can install electrical outlets or ceiling light can easily install this thermostat. The Small Display and not back light are a bummer but for this price for a digital programmable thermostat you can beat it.

The reviews for the Honeywell YRLV430A1005 are nothing short of spectacular. Of the 135 reviews we were able to find online ,59% people gave it a 5 star rating and 15% people give this product a 4 star rating.  There were nine two star and below ratings.

For my personal knowledge a 5/2 programmable  thermostat range from $50-$100.00 dollars  for this thermostat to sell in the under $100 dollar range is great.  Regarding the nine low ratings on this thermostat  typically the issues that a cure from a home owner who does not understand electricity.  Electricity is tough so its not a knock, on the reviews but from what I have read and what seen over the years are the following that co inside with  low review

# 1 over load the system this thermostat can handle  3500 watts of power which can heat about 300 sq ft . If  you use more then 3500 watts of power you will fry the board in no time flat.

# 2 two types for electric heaters on one thermostat you can not run a fan forced heater and a baseboard heater on the same thermostat  they have different  on/off  cycle.

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