Honeywell Focuspro 5000 Review| The Best Non-Programmable Thermostat 2020

The mention is the HONEYWELL FOCUSPRO 5000 may not resonate well with some of you who think they are updated with the current market technology and may find the review irrelevant. However, if you think about it, you will realize it is worth reading. Research on thermostats has shown that when looking for a perfect thermostat, you will spend a lot of time searching for the many products that on the surface have capabilities which can make you think the thermostat can make you coffee. However, if you are used to programmable thermostats that only work for a set time, then you will find this review helpful as it offers you the best option.

Spare a few of your minutes and learn about HONEYWELL focuspro the best non-programmable thermostat under $100 that this short and straightforward review covers.

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A No Fuss Design

With a white and clean panel, the thermostat has a larger than average screen that has a green backlight which helps you quickly read settings that are visible even to those who have sight problems.

Besides, it has only four buttons that perform the standard functions including auto or off fan, cool or off heat, and temperature up or down. The buttons are so easy to use that you will have to keep the manual away and never refer to it again.


True, installation is often the reason why most people get discouraged from buying a DIY thermostat. Specifically, those who do not love technical things. To cater for you, Honeywell has a simple design that focuses on ease of use.

The thermostat operates with both 750mV heating system and 24 VAC conventional and heat pump systems. Further, you can use batteries to power the thermostat or use direct power from the system you have already installed. What good about the thermostat is that it connects automatically to a power system and so saves you installation time!

People Honey Honeywell Focuspro 5000 Suits

HONEYWELL focuspro 500 is best suited for the older folks who are accustomed to heat up or cooling their room in the morning and evening.

Also, the thermostat satisfies landlords of multiple rental properties since thermostat has few operational problems. As such you are sure of no complaint calls from your tenants about the malfunctioning heating or cooling system or program failure.

Additionally, Honeywell is perfect for those who have a tight budget but want to control their home temperature. You can check it on Amazon where it has low prices.

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