CyberStat CY1201WF Programmable Thermostat Review 2020

Talk about taking the thermostat technology to a whole new level. You get to experience so much when using this thermostat. The manufacturer made it to have wireless access through the internet. Not many people would have through the thermostat industry would embrace such technology.

With the internet connection capability, you can now access the model from anywhere in the world through the manufacturer website. From the website account, you can manipulate the thermostat to work at the optimum temperature at all times. It is possible to keep the thermostat at a certain range so that you get your house all warmed up after getting from work.

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Simple design

With new models coming out each day, one thing you will notice is that they are getting more complicated. Even if you are getting more feature, the operation of the different models is just hard. That cannot be said for this model, as it only has three buttons. Two buttons are used for adjusting the temperature, while the remaining one is for changing to different modes inbuilt in the system.

Lock your settings

As part of security and keeping other people from changing the temperature settings, you can use the lock feature from the user account. Your thermostat will only work within the set temperature until you remove the lock and allow other people to make changes to the temperature settings.

It is not just about locking the temperature settings, it can still alert you if there is a malfunction or the thermostat has been offline for a while. Such alerts help know if there is an issue that has to be rectified soon.

The thermostat has a memory function that helps it to pick up the temperature setting from where it left when your power comes back on. Such a feature makes the model quite reliable, as you do not have to input new temperature settings.

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