Best Wifi Thermostat Under $200 In The Year 2020

To create the most comfortable heating at home, each person is faced with so many questions such as: how to choose the heating system, which temperature control method to prefer, and what is the best wifi thermostat. If you are just the person puzzled by this choice, then you’ve opened the right page. Here, I am just going to talk about how to make the right choice in simple words without technological terms.

The main purpose of a simple room thermostat for heating or cooling system is to control and maintain the preset temperature. In the case of installing a programmable thermostat, the owner has a number of advantages that make it possible to create the most comfortable temperature in a given room. Qualitative and synchronized operation of the heating system and thermostat allows you not only to support the optimum comfortable temperature in the house, exclude overheating or under heating, as well as to achieve significant financial savings to pay for the consumed energy. Nowadays, a huge number of models are represented on the market, including WiFi thermostats that can be controlled remotely, even away from home, using a computer or mobile device.

In order to give preference to a particular thermostat, you must know the functional differences between various models. Of course, research of all the models on the market will take a long time, so I did it for you and highlighted five best models with a detailed review for each of them. 

Not so long ago, I was looking for the right model for my home and that’s why I have written this article to help you avoid the same mistakes that I did my time. Since I am not a representative of the industry, I am doing the reviews as the consumer and for the consumers such as I am. While choosing a thermostat for my needs and writing the review for top 5 models, I’ve paid attention not only to its advantages but also drawbacks, to finally determine the acceptability of the use of the device to create the most comfortable temperature in the room.

Let’s take a look at all the amazing 6 best wifi thermostats 2020

Starting today, you should now have an easy time making up your mind about which model to choose. The trick is to ensure that you search in different shops before making up your mind. You can always share this guide with your friends to help them also make a better decision about Wi-Fi thermostats. If you want to know the comparison of these thermostats, for example, Echobee vs. Nest or Nest vs. Honeywell rth8580wf, you can take a look at my wifi thermostats comparison page. If you want to buy a budget programmable thermostat, you can read this page.

For Those Who Value Their Time

Very likely, you’ve read a lot of information about the various thermostats and may even have already nearly decided. Then perhaps my review will help to confirm the correctness of your decision. Or maybe you’re only just starting to think about a purchase, then especially keep reading. You can learn about the leading manufacturers that are present on the market, different types, and cost, which is also an important factor when buying. All this I’m leaving you in a comparative table since on my opinion it is a very convenient form that would help to understand all the differences.

If you want to control the heating system via your mobile phone or computer from another room, from work or leave, and you are thinking about buying a WiFi thermostat, I recommend reading this review, where you can learn more in detail about these devices.

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Best Wifi Thermostat for Energy Savings 2020 – Nest Learning Thermostat

The first generation of Nest is considered reinvent the wifi thermostat, before Nest, no product is that shape with a knob for users to turn. The Nest has a powerful algorithm which makes it possible to learn your hobby and change settings according to what you usually did in the past. It has several sensors which can gather data as it works, by using these data, it can know you better even than yourself. Is that what you want for a thermostat to do? If the answer is yes,  you should go get one with no hesitation. Nest is a wifi thermostat with an app from where you can see the historic data, but others don’t have the app. The earlier generation Nest has a shortcoming of fluctuations, its fluctuation is broader than other brands’ products, but the 3nd Generation has improved that greatly.

When you see the software updates notifications, be careful, the manufacturer did’t recommend you to update the software too frequently because any bugs can cause serious problems. I have a lot of friends who are satisfied with the Nest 3nd Generation wifi thermostat, the had joy and fun in using it. By the way, viewing your energy savings as a figure of dollars is quite shocking experience. This can make them forget the features that Nest can’t provide.

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Honeywell Lyric Round�Wi-Fi Thermostat �Best Programmable Thermostat Under $200 2020

Lyric Roundâ„?Wi-Fi Thermostat - Second Generation

Honeywell Lyric Round is similar to Google’s Nest thermostat as a smart/connected device. The product uses a similar Nest circular design, the functions are also similar to Nest, it can collect the user’s indoor temperature and humidity data, learn user’s habits automatically adjust the temperature, to save electricity. Lyric second generation thermostat is designed with a rounded shape like the Nest thermostat and it has a three inches polishing glass surface, which can clearly display the current and target temperature. 

By supporting HomeKit application, the user can control Lyric at home or a remote place. This device can respond to Siri voice commands, and can interact with other HomeKit products at your home.

Note: Honeywell Lyric is no c wire  wifi thermostat, you don’t need to check if your heating or cooling system has a C-wire. What is C-Wire and Guide to the Thermostat C-Wire.

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Best Smart Voice Control Wi-Fi Thermostat Under $200

Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart ThermostatHoneywell Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat

It seems this device is the same as the one we mentioned above, yes they are the same in most places, but this one lacks the Voice Control function. If you are not so lazy as a couch potato, this is a good choice as a wifi thermostat, it has the same functions with Honeywell Voice Control Wi-Fi Thermostat except the voice control. Anyway, you don’t need to change the settings so frequently. The big touch screen with different backgrounds you can customize, is easy to use, and it can blend well with any style of home. On the screen, there are 4 tabs from where you can quickly change settings.

It provides Apps and website service to allow you control the thermostat from anywhere. The Total Connect Comfort App and website have proven to be reliable. Honeywell is one of the giant leader companies in thermostats, their products are reliable and of good quality.

Note: Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat requires c-wire.

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Sensi Wi-Fi Programmable Thermostat

Sensi Wi-Fi Programmable Thermostat

The Sensi Wi-Fi Thermostat is the combine of Emerson’s quality and the new technology. Sensi looks like a traditional thermostat, but it uses the latest and top technology, it is not touchscreen, but it is wifi support. No touchscreen? Wow, how could it work?Some people may think it is unbelievable, but it is true, Sensi uses physical buttons rather than touchscreen.

Some old people are familiar with physical buttons, they are not used to touchscreen. And to the young internet generation, they prefer to do all the operations with an App on a smartphone, and Sensi really provide remote access with app and website, the free iPhone and Android app brings the thermostat to your pocket. For that matter, pay more money for a seldom use touchscreen is not wise. If you were going out for someday, after you drove a hundred miles you remember you didn’t turn down the thermostat, that’s the remote access show time.

The Sensi wireless thermostat didn’t require c wire. It is more flexible to install it. It will be a  good choice for anyone who didn’t care whether it is touchscreen or not. It has all the features like other brands, like 7-day programmable, 4 heat/ 2 cool, and it can control the fluctuation of temperature to +/- 1 degree, which is the best among the thermostats.

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Lennox iComfort Wi-Fi Thermostat

Lennox iComfort Wi-Fi Thermostat

The iComfort has a beautiful appearance. The outer rim is the same color of most walls, so that it seems like it has no rim, just a screen on the wall. It provides remote access service for free, you can access it through iComfort app or website. This wifi thermostat has a unique feature I like very much, it is the live weather alerts and the weather forecast. It also has a one-touch away function which can shut down the thermostat immediately to save energy when you go out.

It is easy to update the thermostat. If your iComfort connect to the internet, it will automatically update the software. IComfort Wi-Fi Thermostat supports nearly all devices like humidity, heat pump, dehumidify, and so on. The interface is very great, easy to use. The screen is rapid-response with high veracity. 

Lennox has cooperate with Gelaskins, which means you can customize the backgrounds of the screen. You can take a photo of your wall, then order a Gelaskin, and the picture you take is one of your background of the thermostat. If you do so, your guests will not see there is a wireless thermostat on the wall if they don’t look carefully.

Note:  iComfort requires a c-wire.

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Best Budget Programmable Thermostat Under $50

WIN100 is the most popular and the No. 1 sale thermostat under $50. It got a 4.4 scores out of 5. It is designed to workLux WIN100 with window air conditioners and electric space heaters. This one has a huge temperature range which is from 45 degrees F to 90 degrees F. It is a 5-2 programmable thermostat which means you can set 2 programs for weekdays and weekends and you can have four different temperatures in each 24 hour period: morning, afternoons, evening and overnight.  It can keep the room temperature in a small fluctuation at around +-1 degree even if you lower the central heating temperature, very stable.

If you want to find more cheap and budget thermostat, you can read this page.

If you want other kinds of thermostats, you can click here to read more reviews on some models of thermostats.

Best Wi-Fi Thermostat Under $100

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Thermostat Above $100 and Under $200

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[su_heading size=”16″]Guide Of How To Choose The Best Wi-Fi Thermostat[/su_heading]

You can imagine yourself having the ability to easily control the thermostat using a smartphone and from anywhere. Well, if that is your imagination, then you can always opt for the Wi-Fi thermostat. It is not just about the Wi-Fi feature, the model will come with additional features such as automated temperature changes, scheduled temperature alerts and weather updates in your area. 

These smart thermostats might be great today, but they are not always created the same. Some will have better features than the others do. With many models available today, then some people might have trouble making up their mind about the best model to choose. Below are some of the things to keep in mind when buying the best Wi-Fi thermostat.

[su_box title=”System compatibility” box_color=”#0d195b”] You do not want to spend a lot of money on a product that might not be compatible with your electrical system. The supply of electricity from a standard outlet is commonly the same, so you have to ensure that it actually works fine with such an outlet first. If you are unsure of the electrical system you use in the house, get a technician to help with such information. You will then have an easier time shopping for a compatible thermostat the next time you are in a store. You can still opt for a different model, which probably need a different type of heating mechanism. You can get one that uses oil or gas. The gas models are often seen to be noisy as compared to the electric models.[/su_box]

[su_box title=”C Wire Connectivity” box_color=”#0d195b”]The C wire is also called the common wire and it is quite important for a Wi-Fi based thermostat. Without such a wire, you may not utilize some advanced options of the thermostat. With this type of wire, the thermostat will now connect to the home’s Wi-Fi network. The older models might not always have such a wire, so you might have to do some upgrades to it first. If you need to include the C wire, it is crucial to get a professional to do it. Check out several models if they have this option first before making the purchase.[/su_box]

[su_box title=”Personal needs for cooling and heating” box_color=”#0d195b”] Think about the number of times you are in the house and the type of heating or cooling you need. It is about such type of needs that can actually make you decide what is the best thing for you. Sometimes people get to buy thermostats with many features at an expensive price, when they hardly need the additional features. For a person who is not always at home, you should for a programmable model. With such a model, you will always get to schedule the temperature to be adjusted just before you get at home. Even when you often spend more time in the house, it is important you get a model which will not end up consuming a lot of power. It should be able to maintain your home at an optimal temperature that works great for you. A great model should be able to have more options that can make it operate great based on your personal timetable.[/su_box]

[su_box title=”User Friendly” box_color=”#0d195b”] Whenever you buy the thermostat, the manufacturer will send you the manual that you need to operate the device. Well, some thermostats might be easy to operate while others might be really hard to use. The manufacturer might also have a friendly thermostat, but the manual is not clear at all. It is crucial if you end up with a thermostat that can actually be used by anyone. Check out the product overview and images to learn more about the overall look of the thermostat. From the pictures, you can see if it is easy to identify some of the common features and buttons you have used in other models before.  Even if it is a programmable model, it should always user friendly so that you do not end up not utilizing some of the features incorporated into the thermostat.[/su_box]

[su_box title=”Maintenance needs and Energy saving capability” box_color=”#0d195b”] The best thermostat with energy saving capability can always save you a lot of money. A lot of energy goes into cooling or heating the home, which will always translate into more spending on energy bills. The best part would be getting the best Wi-Fi thermostat that has smart features, which minimize the energy consumption for cooling or heating. Maintenance could also be another issue for some users. You do not want to end up with a great model that needs a lot of maintenance each time. The reviews about a thermostat could help you understand about its working capability and maintenance needs. Always stay clear of the models that will require you to spend more just to keep them in the working condition. [/su_box]

[su_heading size=”20″]Advantages Of Wifi Thermostat[/su_heading]

I’m a pretty avid user of home automation products, I would do some research just after every new device was released.  Since you found my article, I think you’re considering to buy a best wifi thermostat to make your home more convenient and comfortable. For any wireless thermostat, the basic function is to turn the HVAC system on or off to keep the temperature of the house at a steady level. What make them different is the extra functions such as remote control, energy saving, voice control and so on. Wifi thermostats can be connected to wireless internet, so that you can control them from remote places, and make it possible to display the weather changes in real time and change the temperature of the house according to the weather. 

Programmable thermostats are good for some people with regular routines, and they can save your energy bills, but for someone who doesn’t like to program them it is troublesome. Wi-fi thermostats are new things appeared in recent years as home automation tends to be wireless. Most famous manufacturers have manufactured smart wireless thermostats in recent years. There are so many wireless thermostats you can choose from, you may find it a little bother to choose one that meets your requirements. Here I list some popular and best sellers, they are the best according to my standards. I also wrote wifi thermostat reviews for each product with my analysis. There are several reasons that you should replace your old programmable thermostat.

Wifi thermostat has these advantages:

  • Operate from anywhere.  You can control the wifi thermostat with an app or website from anywhere. It is very useful when you plan changes or when you stay out for a long time, or you are on an impromptu trip, then you can make an adjustment from your smartphone. These small changes add up together will be a large save of energy.
  • Made scheduling easier. Wifi thermostat can have 4 programming schedules per day, so that it can adjust automatically for different period. And with a big screen or touchscreen, it is more simple to setup programming schedule than the programmable thermostats do, and it is easy to make changes too.
  • Push Notification Service. Sometimes you will want to know the status when you are out of home, or you want to keep an eye on your home anywhere anytime for a peace of mind. Smart wifi thermostat like Honeywell Smart Wifi thermostat can send email notification to you as you set,  you can set when the temperature is too hot or cold then send an email to you.
  • Detailed Reports. Many devices such as Nest and ecobee have the function to generate detailed energy reports, according to the reports, you can know how much money you have saved.
  • Charming. The wifi thermostats are more beautiful than the predecessors
  • Easier to adapt to schedule changes. With smart thermostat you don’t need to reprogram the device when your daily schedule changes or you are on vacation, this means you save a lot of time.
  • Wi-Fi connected thermostats can be adjusted remotely. This means when you forget to turn down the thermostat, you can adjust it from the web or a smartphone and the schedule will shift to your new setting.
  • Bigger screen.

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