Best Programmable Thermostat under $100, Honeywell RTH7500D and RTH7600D 2020

Very often, when we are thinking about thermostats for our houses or apartments, the company Honeywell comes to mind, as its history begins with the invention of the first coal thermostat. Today, the wide range of products of this company includes also thermostats with new technologies, which, for example, allow the user to set different temperature regimes for every day of the week. This 7-day programmable thermostat line is presented by an excellent example – Honeywell RTH7500D. This device will help to maintain the comfortable temperature for consumer anytime thanks to availability to customize 4 different temperature settings during the day, 7 days a week. The designers of this model took into consideration the preferences of users that like pushing buttons instead of having a touch screen control. Of course, the price tag of RTH7500D is a little bit lower compared to thermostats with touch screen technology. This is the best programmable thermostat under $100

(RTH5700D have the manual and the users can download it here)

Advantages and Disadvantages of Installation Process

Despite the fact that according to the Honeywell company, thermostats perfectly match a wide variety of both cooling and heating systems, some consumers with complex installations have experienced problems with defining the right wiring configuration. The manufacturer took care of that and marked the device with stickers for each wire. RTH7500D goes with a user manual, which explains terminology, so the programming process is very simple and fast. There is also an option to maintain the temperature at a single level. In this case, the system will turn on and off the heater or cooler automatically as needed. Such feature is very helpful when the user is staying at home the whole day.

Practical Button Control

Some consumers consider Honeywell RTH7500D user-friendlier than thermostats that use touch screen technology because of button interface. The special “dimâ€?mode will help to save the battery life of the device, as the screen will not be illuminated until you press a button. On this screen, the user can see the temperature regime and time at the moment as well as the pre-set temperature. There are also temperature control buttons and buttons to set the clock, one of three fan regimes, and for scheduling menu. Honeywell RTH7500D has a clearly readable display and user-friendly interface.

Review of Honeywell RTH7600D

Some models of Honeywell thermostats are compatible not only with the household heating or cooling systems but also with heat pumps. RTH7600D is the representative of such product group. It’s possible thanks to the sophisticated programming options of the device.

(RTH7600D have the manual and the users can download it here)

Easy to use and control the temperature

RTH7600D is very easy to use because the user just needs to choose the desired temperature and set it on the device. The thermostat will do the rest. It will automatically turn on and off the heating or cooling systems to maintain the pre-set temperature. RTH7600D model has clearly readable screen and it’s also easy controllable. In their reviews, the users stated that some troubles might occur because the thermostat should use text in place of the numbered codes. All these codes are clearly interpreted in the manual, so any difficulties should not arise. Possibility to set reminders is one of the features that was highlighted in reviews. Thus, the user will not forget to change filters and batteries timely. Thanks to its energy consumption economy, you won’t need to change the batteries very often as the screen turns off the light 8 seconds after the last command.

User-friendly interface

RTH7600D is a high-quality 7-day programmable thermostat with various settings available to ensure that the user will have the desired temperature at home. One of the most distinguishing features of this model is “recovery”. The system will be “sleeping”, while the user is out of the home, but it will also “recovery” by the time the user will come back if this time was pre-set.

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