Best Conventional Programmable Thermostat,Honeywell RTH6450D Review 2020

A week ago it came to my attention that when the thermostat was turned on for heating, the rooms did not get warm soon enough like they used to. Obviously, the first thing that came to my mind was that maybe something was wrong with the furnace, nevertheless, I talked to a friend and realized that the actual reason behind this heating hitch could be the thermostat.

Previously, it never even occurred to me that the thermostat might be creating problems. I mean, in the end it was just a panel sitting there on the wall to always do what it was instructed to after it is switched on.

After establishing that the thermostat was not working properly and had to be replaced, I was thinking where to get a new one from? And I did exactly what everyone else does these days in case of a dilemma; I turned to the Internet for help. The Honeywell Bldg Center model Honeywell RTH6450D Programmable Thermostat caught my attention and you are going to know more about this thermostat in the following words. I think this one is the best conventional programmable thermostat.

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General Information

The RTH6450D1009 thermostat is a neat little panel with the green backlit display. When you power it up, it shows the temperature that you just set the thermostat to and the present temperature. It can be used with both cold and hot systems additionally; it works with almost all electric systems and single oil stage furnaces.

It has soft-touch button controls that make them easy to utilize, and there is a simple menu function which can be understood easily in a way that programming it is also relatively effortless. One thing to keep in mind is that this device does not work on direct electric connection and it can only be linked with battery power. This feature might be considered as a drawback by some so it is worth mentioning.

Functions and Installation

The installation of this thermostat is very easy if you follow the instructions carefully however, we recommend that you stay safe and never forget the hazards related to replacing something associated with your AC system/heating (even if they are battery powered). It is accompanied by a detailed manual but it is advised that in case of a little doubt get the help of a professional.

A really great thing about this thermostat is its programming functionality and Honeywell has suitably named it 5-1-1. Here, this points to the feature that you can have diverse program settings for weekdays and weekends. According to me, it is a good feature as people require varying cooling and heating temperatures for regular days and weekend because more time is spent in the home during weekends.

Such a function helps to save energy as you will not be tied to one constant program for the entire week. Another positive feature is its energy star rating which is given after passing all legal constraints related to the use of energy.

Smart Response Technology

It is a well known fact that Honeywell is an acclaimed manufacturer of electrical appliances so they have access to great technicians. The product ‘one bright sparkâ€?has Smart Response Technology attribute.

According to this feature, if the timer is set to initiate at 7am with the temperature of 70 degree Fahrenheit, the unit actually starts operating prior to 7am so that your home is at desired temperature till the set time.

This is generally a good idea, but some customers complaint that they did not expect their furnace to come to life ahead of the set time. So keep this feature in mind in case you are extremely energy conservation conscious.

If you are thinking about turning away from this thermostat because of the smart response feature, then there is good news, you can also turn it off. For this, you will have to download the complete manual from the official Honeywell website because these instructions are not present in the manual included with the whole package.


I consider this a very smart investment as this device is compatible with almost all devices and can be the perfect replacement for the existing AC/heating system installed in your home.

This thermostat has an affordable price and you can get it at even lower price if ordered online, they have quick shipping service as well.

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